Building a Tagtool

Recently we did a  performance by videoing and simultaneously projecting my ‘live’ computer drawing directly from the monitor.  This worked quite well but Tagtool with its animation potential looked like just the kind of thing that I had been looking for.  I only do the drawing; Dima is the one with the technical know-how so, following the instructions from the website, he built ‘our’ Tagtool.

The sliders, arduino and gamepad he ordered online.  The rest of the materials were salvaged from our big box of  dead electronics in the basement.  Here are some photos of the various stages in the building process.  Dima assures me that, ‘it’s not difficult to build one of these’ – all the info is available from hhtp://




Wow!  The very first squiggles!  It all worked perfectly first time!



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4 responses to “Building a Tagtool

  1. mat

    As soon as u finished, send us pix of your work. Tagtool & Drawings appreciated.

    Your friend is right with a little technical background it´s easy to build one.

    Hope to hear from u,


  2. Hey, good job with this!!!!
    im building one myself and have a question for ya.

    did you program your arduino BEFORE or AFTER the construction process?
    i ask this because im getting errors when uploading the arduino software to the board…

    email me back and keep on tagging!!


  3. cool, soooo jealous…
    i really do need to make one of these.
    hats of to the guys at tagtool great project!

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