Video – After the rain

After my recent experiments in monochrome I decided to return to full colour and drawing over film footage put through the mixer for this piece. I shot the ‘background’ using my old digital still camera on the movie mode (very lo-fi!). We used our new (much brighter) projector which really makes an enormous difference to the colour quality of the projected images. While I was doing the drawing Dima took the stills (with his good camera!) shot with a time lapse of five seconds per shot. Dima manipulated the resulting images to make the video and I then recorded the sound track. The whole thing is very much a first experiment – but we plan to make some more of these little clips.

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One response to “Video – After the rain

  1. doris van kalker

    Dear Frances, I still have a question, probably more a Dima question Do you use two projectors? one for the Mixer and one for your tagtool. Or is there an other possibility ?

    Sorry, that I still have questions, even though you really describe every performance, challenges so accurately and share the joy with us…..
    Thanks in advance

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