Wall of Light Artists’ Performances

On Friday evening the featured artist was Die. Puntigam. A large crowd had gathered for his performance – and they were not disappointed! I took lots of photos. Here is a selection. They are not able of course to convey the amazing speed of his drawing or the rapid succession of images that continuously poured over the tower, then swirled away to be immediately overlaid or replaced. For this solo he was working with two Tagtools and simultaneous double animation – a high octane virtuoso performance that drew deservedly loud applause from the audience.

On Saturday evening Iink and Maki gave the first of their two weekend performances. I was on crowd control duty – which turned out to be a full time job so I was unable to take any photos of their work at all! There were so many spectators, and everyone wanted to have a clear view of the tower or take photos of the artists at work. It was extremely difficult for us to maintain even a narrow line of sight for the artists. Somehow they managed to see to draw through the ever narrowing gap in the delighted crowds (many of whom, both adults as well as children) were in full Halloween party mood – there were lots of pointy witches’ hats, luminous collars and scary made-up faces in the crowd! I’m really looking forward to watching the videos of these performances – once they are all on the Tagtool website I’ll post a link for Drawinglive News readers.

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