Tagtooling in Amsterdam

Canadian film maker Demetri Estdelacropolis had seen our ‘Tales from the Attic’ in Rotterdam earlier this year and invited us come to Amsterdam to do some Tagtooling for the film, ‘Nearly Departed’, that he is making there.  The filming location was an historic canal house in the centre of the city, an enormous, beautiful and quite extraordinary building that is currently undergoing major reconstruction and restoration.  Filming was to take place in the evenings and at the weekend when the builders were not working.  It sounded like a great opportunity for us to work in such a prestigious location – and we were not disappointed!

Needless to say, we came home with lots of photos.  At various points when I wasn’t actively involved in drawing I used my little camera to take some images specially for this blog and as usual Dima also documented our Tagtool sessions.  He is making a stop frame video from his material but meantime I have selected some still photos to ‘set the scene’ for our work on this project. I will publish a selection in my next two postings.

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