Tagtool Party Weekend – the first video clip!

As I promised in my last posting, here is a clip of part of our Sunday evening jam session.   In it I’m drawing with Die. Puntigam and the soundtrack is from the album ‘Drinking Songs’ by Matt Elliott (very appropriate….!)

Dima took this with my little Canon Ixus 100IS  but I think, for such a small camera, that the quality of the recording is really excellent.  As it will be a while before Dima has all the footage from the big cameras edited and ready to upload I thought I’d post this as a ‘taster’ now.  
I had drawn with Die. Puntigam in some of the artists’ jam sessions in York last year and I was so pleased to have this opportunity to draw with him again.  Now I’m really looking forward to our next sessions in Austria!

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