Hackney Wicked Festival – Saturday night

Despite a shower of rain that fortunately didn’t last very long (and under the gazebo we, and all our equipment, were completely dry), the Friday night party went on till morning so there was not much time to rest before we had to get ready for the Saturday performance. We had been told that our biggest audience was likely to be on Friday night but there seemed to be just as many people on Saturday – which was great! There was a lot of interest in the Tagtool and after we had been drawing for some time, although there wasn’t very much room under the gazebo, Lennie invited one or two people to come and have a go – which was a very good idea, as it gave us some time to have a much needed break from drawing!

I began the evening drawing on the wall mounted screen.On the wall I think that these big, bold and simple images worked best. When I tried something more subtle with lots of transparency, like the piece below, it got rather lost in the pattern and texture of the brickwork and window frames.As on Friday evening, after a while Lennie and I swapped screens and I made these drawings on the ‘screen in the sky’.As the night went on, for some reason most of my photos seemed to be a bit out of focus…..!Once we had dismantled our Tagtool equipment the DJs took over and the evening ended with some serious partying. Needless to say I didn’t manage to take any more photos and just concentrated on having a good time!

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