Supra+ and Tagtool at The Victory

Our Austrian friends, the band Supra+, had their first London gig in the basement bar of The Victory Pub in Dalston, a typical London ‘local’.Downstairs the corner stage had a low ceiling and black painted walls so when we arrived at the venue the first job was to pin up a length of white material behind the band for the projection.Although the room was not very large there was enough space for the projectors to be mounted at ceiling height, giving a drawing area that covered the whole of the stage and extended up on to the ceiling.Dima set up the camera to video the whole session but as well as drawing I also managed to take the photos below with my small camera – unfortunately most of them were not quite straight or in focus but I think that they do capture something of the atmosphere of the performance!I will finish with this collage and put Dima’s video into my next posting.It had been a really good gig – the band was very well received, with the audience calling for more at the end of their set.


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2 responses to “Supra+ and Tagtool at The Victory

  1. Nearly made it! But judging from the aftermath – must have been quite something.

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