Evening performance at Veletržní palác

On Thursday 22 September as part of the evening programme in the salon of Mark Divo’s ‘inhabited sculpture’ at the Veletržní palác, we gave another Tagtool performance. This time, instead of projecting over the interior of the installation as we did at the opening, first I painted one of the big windows of the gallery with ‘Coolglass’ greenhouse shading paint. (Needless to say, I had tested this greenhouse shading, which when no longer needed easily can be removed with a dry duster, on one of our windows at home to make sure that it was suitable before I painted it all over the window in the National Gallery!) This thin film of greenhouse shading made it possible to project directly onto the glass and have the Tagtool drawings equally visible both from inside the gallery and outside – as can be seen in the three photos below.The evening’s performances, which drew quite a big and enthusiastic audience, began with a short violin recital by Heidi Johanna Vacek….….and continued with the Berlin performance artist Lady Gaby.Below – Lady Gaby is in conversation with DJ Miki (Mikuláš), two of whose new paintings in the show can be seen in the background of this photo.DJ Miki provided the music to accompany my drawing – and here is a selection of images, taken for me by Dima and Sam, from the session as it could be seen from outside of the gallery.As well as attracting the attention of passers by outside, inside the gallery there was a good audience for my performance, with people taking photos and asking how the Tagtool worked.

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