Tagtool at Michnův palác, Prague

On Saturday we were invited to do some Tagtooling as part of the entertainment for guests at a wedding reception being held in this beautiful early Baroque palace in the centre of Prague.We arrived in the morning before the wedding ceremony began. Dima set up our Tagtool and projectors and tested everything in readiness for our performance.

In the afternoon the programme opened with a puppet theatre for the children.
Then, led by the bride and groom, the guests went upstairs.

There was a very spectacular display of Mexican dancing….…and afterwards downstairs a beautifully presented Mexican themed buffet followed by an evening party with live bands and DJs.

In the two large interconnecting salons where the bands and DJs were playing there was a great party atmosphere with both children and adults joining in the fun. (The fairground motor car especially, was a huge success!)During the course of the evening I made several drawing sequences and here are a few stills that I took with my little camera.Dima will make a video of my Tagtool drawing for me to put in the next posting.

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