Tagtool drawings for the song cycle ‘Animals’

On Saturday 29 September at the Kaleidoskop 2012 weekend at mo.ë in Vienna there will be another opportunity to hear the song cycle ‘Animals’ by K.U.N.T.Z. that had its premiere on 13 September in Berlin at Bar Babette. Here are some of Dima’s photos of my visuals from a practice drawing session in our studio…..In our early rehearsals we worked all together in the studio – I drew while Jan and David played live. The drawings in the practice session above were made while listening to a sound recording – it’s not the same thing as working to live music of course, but very important as preparation for a public drawing performance.

Here is a video from the performance in Berlin of one of the songs. The circumstances for Tagtool drawing at Bar Babette were not ideal – there was a lot of ambient light and the position of my Tagtool on the balcony meant that I had a very oblique view of the stage, which made getting the drawing in the ‘correct’ proportion from the audience’s viewpoint very difficult. I think the music in the video is much more interesting than the drawing – but at least it gives some idea of the performance!

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