Happy New Tagtool Year!

NewdonkeysWe have had a lot of fun recently making these Donkey masks for the video we are working on as part of the promotional material for the song cycle ‘Animals’ – so, to welcome in the New Year’s drawing projects on the blog, I decided to continue the donkey theme with this little Tagtool for iPad session.photo (1)First I drew these two donkeys….photo (2)Then in successive layers I put in the small figure they are watching….photo (3)Then finally, by switching to the Tagtool animation mode, I was able to make the small figure move! The stills above are screenshots from the iPad but in order to make the video below I used my little Canon IXUS camera to capture the drawing sequence directly from the screen (which is why it is a bit shaky!).

I had to make several attempts to get the small figure’s arm to swing and I found it difficult to get the walking movement to look really convincing but I think that this was in part because I had drawn the figure so small that even using the Tagtool’s zoom mode it wasn’t easy to animate the limbs accurately.
Next time I will do better!

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