Tagtool at Strakonice

The location for this performance on Saturday 5 October was the building of the former Fezka Textile Works in Strakonice – a very large and impressive industrial complex, now closed, in the centre of this town in the south of the Czech Republic. Because this was such a very large building we used two projectors, the smaller and brighter one projecting on the gatehouse of the factory and the big short throw projector, which gives a less bright image, covering the rest of the building. (Although the photo below that I took with my little camera does slightly exaggerate this difference in brightness.)Local DJ DxTech909 supplied the sound for the performance – which was really great….….and a lot of people came to see the show.Our Tagtool performance acted as an introduction to the town’s ‘Day of Architecture’ events on Sunday, which unfortunately we could not stay to see – but thanks to Martin who organised everything for us we had a most enjoyable, although far too short, visit to Strakonice!
To end this post – a few more of Dima’s photos from the performance….

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