At VILA Štvanice

On Wednesday 7 January ‘Flying Freedom Festival’ presented, ‘The Story of Gilgamesh’ – in a production combining music, theatre, puppets and masks….….and also my Tagtool drawing of the fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.After the performance the company entertained their friends with a party and jam session which provided me with a great opportunity to do some more drawing. I was able to stop from time to time to enjoy the party, listening to the music and taking photos. Here are a few from my first drawing sequence….

The walls of this historic building, recently reopened as a theatre, had been stripped down to expose the brickwork so all my drawing had this nice texture.The (very good and very expensive!) Epson projector that we were able to borrow from Lunchmeat gave beautiful bright crisp colours. The music was great too – making this the ideal Tagtool drawing experience!I tried combining drawn silhouettes with the shadows of the musicians and also creating an illusion of lines in the drawing floating around them on the stage.

So – a big ‘thank you’ from me to Lunchmeat for letting me use their beautiful new projector – and to all the musicians for providing such inspiring music!

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  1. doris van kalker

    just beautiful, thank you for sharing

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