Another Vložte kočku Concert!

…Tagtooling again last Saturday with Vložte kočku at the Anděl Music Bar in Plzen. Their programme, Otázka času, was the same as at La Fabrika but Anděl was a very different kind of venue – a club attached to a big cafe and restaurant. The projection screen was behind the band so the Tagtool drawings were a bit different as well. We set up the Tagtool on the balcony at the end of the room opposite the stage, which was great as I had a clear view and for once didn’t have the problem of someone tall coming and standing in front of me blocking my view of the drawing! I took this photo of the venue before the concert.The three photos below are from my first drawing sequence.I made a lot of shorter drawings at this concert, some quite abstract……reacting to the changing colours of Dima’s LED lighting panel……and then adding a figurative element.These photos are screenshots from Dima’s video of the concert – I will post some edited clips later. Here are some more figurative drawings……and three screenshots of the landscape for the song, ‘Koně’.To end this posting – my drawing for ‘Furiko’, the band’s encore.

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