Tagtool at Transformania IV

Last Friday we held this Transformania event at NEONE in Prague – both a party and nice Tagtooling opportunity for me to accompany some of our guests. First up on the programme were our Czech friends, Mutanti hledaj východisko. Last year I did some ‘mutant drawings’ for them when they were performing at the summer festival in Boskovice – so it was great to do some more scary images for this performance! The photos below show the progression of my drawings…

Later in the evening I did some more drawing. This time it was to accompany the set by The Fake Masters from Berlin. I hadn’t been able to listen beforehand to the music they would play so I asked them what kind of subjects they would like me to draw. ‘Something connected with gardens or flowers would be good…’ Here’s what I did!

Below – after drawing these big flowers, the visuals began to look more like jungle than a garden, with the two musicians hidden in the foliage …

But Tagtool drawing formed only a part of the evening’s visual entertainment, so when I was not drawing I was able to join the party and enjoy Joost van Veen’s subtle manipulations of Super8 footage and also the brilliant Mr Vux’s dazzling and complex computer visuals – but I was so engaged in watching their performances that I didn’t remember to take any photos for the blog!

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