Jam session at Stanice Bubny

On 3 October after we attended the opening of the sculpture exhibition at Bubny train station in Prague, Dima set up the projector and two iPads in the ticket hall.22254849_1605541046177986_7509642233885229729_o(1)This photo by Fernando Sica shows the final image from our  muptiplayer session. It was great to have this opportunity to jam with Tagtool maestro Fernando Sica and Tagtool co-author Joseph Dorninger and I learned a lot from them about how to use the new features of this latest version of the iPad Tagtool.  In addition to all the nice animation moves, it’s great to be able to save photographic and drawn content, then import it during a session –  and this is something I will definitely think of using in the future!

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