BYOB Prague 2017

Here is the video that Dima made featuring the work we presented at the Chemistry Gallery on 13 October.

We had a great time at this event and in the video you will see that The New Tagtool app, as well as producing really smooth animation, enables the capture of drawings and photos, then storing them to use later – which is a great new feature for all Tagtool users! For the BYOB event, the images of bugs and flowers Dima prepared at home.  During the evening he took some video of the gallery and my ‘old-school’ drawing, and to make his  animated collage he took some photos of my work and our friend Ade, adding them to his deck of images, then drawing over and animating them. Result – this stunning kaleidoscope!

The music Dima chose for this video is Öngyilkos Vasárnap by Venetian Snares.

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