Tagtool session in Berlin

This is the video of the Tagtool drawing session that we prepared for the party at Schmacke’s place in Berlin last weekend. Some of our Super8 found footage includes scenes shot in Berlin in the 1950’s so we thought it would be good to capture this and use it for the background. The soundtrack is by our friend Anja Kaufmann, jamming in a live session with Dima.
It was the first time we had taken all our equipment to perform at a party and setting it up was quite a performance in itself!

However, in the event the projection worked really well, there were loads of people watching and a lot of interest in the Tagtool. After we showed the video we did some free drawing and animation. This was a lot of fun and went down really well so we didn’t pack up all the equipment until 3am – quite a session!


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3 responses to “Tagtool session in Berlin

  1. Colors of the footage and the tagtool match pretty well!

    13:30 – I like best! both audio & visual!


  2. very good light show!
    thx a lot!
    great tool, great work!

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