Tagtool in the garden

When I saw on a recent posting on the Tagtool website the photos of drawing over trees at the Übergänge – Přechody festival I immediately thought, ‘This is an idea we must copy here some evening!’ We have a number of very big old apple trees in the orchard – right next to the barbecue – the ideal location for some after dinner entertainment…..

It wasn’t very easy for me to take photos with my little camera but Dima also took some shots with his good camera too, so what follows is a selection that I hope gives a good idea of the evening’s drawing.

As you can see Dima’s photos are brighter and better than mine!

As this was a first experiment we didn’t take out the video camera, which was a pity. One of the really interesting things about projecting on the trees was that there was only one position where the image could be seen clearly and without distortion, so if you walked past the tree the image gradually ‘appeared’ then disappeared into the leaves. This is something we will have to remember for next time!

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  1. Especially those ones – where you can´t see the edges of the projection area, are really my favs.

    spooky white faces!

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