Last Tagtool session of 2009

On 29 December we were invited to do a Tagtool performance in Kolin, a town 60km east of Prague, where our friend Mark Divo has established an arts centre and artist residency. We elected not to set up our equipment in one of the basement gallery spaces but instead to project on the walls and furnishings of Mark’s permanent installation, his ‘Inhabited Sculpture’, in the living room upstairs.

Dima decided to shoot this video using his new Canon 500D camera rather than his usual stop motion recording. Although it was a first experiment with this new camera and Dima had to do a lot of time consuming post production work to achieve this result, we were very pleased with the high definition quality of the resulting images. I think that it captures quite well the party atmosphere with people coming and going while the drawing progressed. To see more information about Mark’s work and the D.I.V.O Institute follow this link:-

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One response to “Last Tagtool session of 2009

  1. Hi Francis and Dima, this is Steve. I was DJing and playing some piano at the Divo vernissage where you made this video.

    I love your work!! it is so interesting!!

    It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you again sometime

    happy new year 2010!!


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