Tagtool in 3D

If you have a pair of these glasses at home – now is the time to get ready to put them on!

And if you don’t have these glasses and/or would like to see the ‘mono’ version – here it is.

The music is by Samka, the St Petersburg-based band that we think are producing some interesting work and have been listening to a lot lately when we have been drawing in the studio.

For this experiment Dima asked me to do a set of three Tagtool drawings. In the first session I was to draw only the background. Then, against a green screen ‘background’ I drew only what was to appear in the middle ground. (I found this quite difficult, trying to remember my previous drawing so that I could make the middle ground look convincing when the three sessions were put together). In the third session, again against the green background, I drew only the foreground elements of the composition.I took these screenshots from Dima’s post production work.The top two are from his first trial render and the second two from the final edit. Both trials produced an uncanny and surreal 3D effect but in the final edit the narrower ‘overlap’ produced a more subtle stereo quality and this is the one that appears in the video above.


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3 responses to “Tagtool in 3D

  1. Wow, that’s really exciting. What possibilities are there to do live 3d-tagtooling? (forgive me for knowing very little about 3d-technology…)

    • drawinglive

      Dima is the one with the technical know how so I will pass your question over to him. I only do the drawing and write the blog!

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