A Tagtool summer weekend

A crate of beer, a barbecue in the garden, live music and Tagtool in the studio – the perfect recipe for a great summer weekend with friends!

Markus. Malu, Jan and David arrived on Saturday afternoon and once they had unpacked their laptops, instruments, projector and Tagtool, the jamming and partying began immediately. As usual I was too busy partying to take many photos……. but here is a compilation of the shots I took of Jan, David and Dima having a ‘warm up’ session in the studio.Dima took these shots of our big Sunday night Tagtool jam session.Here I am drawing with Markus.Jan and David provided the music (which was a really inspiring accompaniment for our drawing!) I’m so sorry that we didn’t think to make a video or a recording of this set – next time we must be more organised! However, Dima did take quite a lot of photos and I hope the selection that follows at least gives some idea of the development of our drawing.As usual our jam session ended on a rather dark and sombre note!

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  1. man that all sounds so nice, I sure miss the drawing-parties. Hope all is well.

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