Performance at Veletržní palác, Prague

We were invited to do a Tagtool performance at the opening of the exhibition, ‘Utopia on the Abyss’,  curated by Mark Divo at the Veletržní palác.  The music for the opening was played by the Swiss musician and composer, Martin Andersson and the performance took place within Mark’s ‘Inhabited Sculpture’ installation in the exhibition. As the photo above shows, because of the combination of the ambient light within the gallery and the fact that the projection area above Mark’s installation was painted a dark plum-grey colour, it was virtually impossible to create any really vibrant colour in the Tagtool drawing. This was a pity as I would have liked to produce some lighter and brighter images to accompany Martin’s most enjoyable and accomplished performance.
I only managed to take this one image during what was quite a long drawing session but below here is one of Dima’s photos and also the video that he made for me.

The Veletržní palác is the impressive Functionalist building that  houses the 20C and 21C collections  of the National Gallery of Prague. As the organiser of the international project, ‘Spare Time. Utopias on the Verge of Commonness’  which  ‘focuses on those aspects of culture, which find a place beyond the borders of traditional institutions and genres in modern and post-modern times’, the gallery currently is hosting six exhibitions organised by curators from the participating countries.  Click here for the link to all the information about this exhibition, which runs until 13 November.


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3 responses to “Performance at Veletržní palác, Prague

  1. Terminal

    I like the fractured imagery

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