Gig in Vienna

Now we are back from our travels it’s catch up time for the blog!

Last Wednesday we were invited to perform as part of the programme organised by Max Bogner at Fluc Wanne, a club in the centre of Vienna. We provided the visuals to accompany Max, who was playing with the band Dr Katz; Maki and Iink with Anneka Lund were Tagtooling with our friends Weisse Waende. This is Maki’s very nice Tagtool-drawn lettering announcing their performance. It was a really great evening with very interesting performances from all the groups – but it was a very difficult location for drawing! Most of the club is below ground, formed from a disused motorway underpass with mostly black painted concrete walls, a long narrow bar opening onto a square performance area and a steeply raked stage rising almost to the roof – great for atmosphere, but where to project, where to set up the Tagtools?
The only solution was to beam one projector on the wall alongside the stage with the other covering the performers and the narrow strip of wall to the ceiling behind the stage. Dima managed to find a corner to set up the video camera, but meantime here is a collage of stills that I took of Maki and Iink’s session with Weisse Waende.Here is one of the many photos that Dima took of Weisse Weande. Unfortunately he didn’t take any photos of my drawing, so many thanks to Maki, who took the photos below of the session.

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  1. Excellent “tagtooling” – in difficult venue, well done

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