Performances in Kristianstad, Sweden – Part 2

For our second evening performance Torjus and Dima rigged up overhead cables so that we could position one projector on the other side of the street from our gazebo and get a projection area which, as the test image on the left shows, would cover all of the taller building.
By the evening the sky had clouded over, so instead of just mounting this projector on a tripod positioned on the pavement we fed the overhead cables through the window of our parked van and put the projector inside – which worked really well and turned out to be a very wise decision, as during the course of the evening it began to rain heavily.
But as the photos above show, the rain didn’t deter the audience from standing in the street to watch the whole performance!

Having this larger projection area covering the taller building was really great!

It allowed me more scope to develop my drawing and it was also easier to link images between the two projection areas.I was also able to incorporate the ‘real’ architecture into my drawing, making it into ruins with an archway where the shadow cast by a TV dish became a ball with a figure balancing on it…. which was great fun to do, and much more interesting than merely projecting on to a flat surface! To end the evening I drew this sequence of big black and white heads.
While I was able to shelter from the rain under the gazebo the audience was not so lucky, but even so people were taking photos with their mobiles…...and after the performance there was a lot of interest in the Tagtool with a number of people patiently waiting in the rain to ‘have a go’.

As well as having lots of photos from this visit to Kristianstad, I also have video of our performances which I will put in my next posting.

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