Tagtool in Kristianstad – videos

Here are two videos of our Kristianstad performances on 11 and 12 April.

This one, from the 12 April, is by photographer Fredrik Grönwall (a number of whose photos I have used in my two previous postings) and was sent to us by Torjus Wrangell from Barbacka. To Frederick – a big ‘thankyou’ for your documentation of this event!

The video below is also from the second evening’s performance. We don’t know who made it as we just ‘found’ it on YouTube – so ‘thankyou!’ to the member of the Thursday night audience who made and posted it.

I don’t know if anyone took any video on the first evening (Wednesday 11 April) – but if so it would be nice to see it….
We really enjoyed our trip to Sweden and Tagtooling at this great location for outdoor drawing in Kristianstad – despite the rain!

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