Tvar Magazine Event (part 1)

The venue for this evening of poetry and prose readings organised by the fortnightly literary magazine ‘Tvar’ was the Bubeneč Station Restaurant in Prague which, although quite small, had a nice big wall and a high ceiling that was great for our Tagtool set up. The programme shows the names of all the contributors to the readings that made up the first half of the evening; the second part was an ‘after party’ hosted by our friend Discjockey Miki who had invited us to do the visuals during the evening. As all the readings were in Czech and as I didn’t have an opportunity to find out beforehand about their subject matter, it was a real challenge for me to provide appropriate accompanying live visuals – in order to decide what to draw I had to rely on listening to the intonation of the readers’ voices and trying to catch the odd word that I recognised!
This is a selection of the images that I drew during the readings.

The large and attentive audience filled to overflowing the small room of the restaurant. Then, following a short break for refreshments, the chairs were moved away to make a space for dancing at Discjockey Miki’s ‘after party’.
I continued drawing, Dima did some Tagtool animation and we took lots more photos of the dancing and partying – but I will save these for my next posting!

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