Tvar Magazine Event (Part 2)

Discjockey Miki hosted the second part of this event. His exciting and eclectic mix of discs, some instrumental, some vocal and in both Czech and English, was great for both the dancing and Tagtooling that continued till the early hours!IMG_9195As well as building up large still images like the ones above, Dima took up the gamepad and we did some animation sequences. Although we didn’t take any video during the evening, I think that the stills below show something of this animation (first ‘dancing skeletons’ and then some fast moving abstractions) Then – a change of tempo and time for some more figurative drawing……

Throughout the evening both Dima and I took lots of photos – far too many for the blog! I have put them all in a web album and I will end this posting with a selection of images from my final drawing sequence of the night.

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