A Mural at Freezefest 2015


On Saturday 12 September we were at this festival which was held in a derelict industrial site at Libušín důl – a location very different from the attractive riverside park at Strakonice where I was drawing the night before! It was quite late at night when we arrived so I decided to spend my time making just one big Tagtool drawing, standing by the side of the main ‘road’ into the festival site (the same spot as in 2013!). The subject seemed an appropriate one for the ruined building on which I was drawing; the photo below shows the whole of the wall.We trained the projector on the upper part of the building so that I would be able to ‘grow’ my drawing out of the spray painting below that had been made by a graffiti crew for the opening of the festival. This light on the corner of the building made it very difficult to take photographs and I haven’t got any of the earlier stages of the drawing…but here is one showing the finished mural just before I made the final fade and my drawing disappeared into the darkness.

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