An Outdoor Concert with Vložte Kočku…

…on 18 September at PŘÍSTAV 18600 drawing on this big tree behind the stage.The thick trunk of the tree and leafy branches were a really interesting ‘surface’ on which to draw. Dima took a lot of photos of the different drawings for me, but as they were all taken from the same position beside my Tagtool workstation unfortunately the band hardly can be seen over the heads of the audience.Below, three shots of the same image where the changing colours of the stage lighting helped to give an interesting extra dimension to the drawing.

Below, I based this composition on the ‘hole’ between the two tree trunks…
…but here I just drew all over everything.
I tried to play with the different textures and patterns formed by the tree trunk and leaves, incorporating them into this drawing for the song, ‘Kone’.Below, I drew a pond hidden in the leaves for the song, ‘Ryby II’….…and then for the last song of the concert, another big head.

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  1. doris van kalker

    beautiful, thank You for sharing

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