Mutanti Hledaj Východisko at Fléda

IMG_1201This photo was taken before the concert given by Mutanti Hledaj Východisko at Club Fléda in Brno on Friday night.  It’s  a practice drawing for their song ‘Johana’, about a big wild boar –  not my usual subject matter!  At the concert I also drew an urban housing estate, landscape, mutant animals and children to accompany Mutanti’s set  but unfortunately as Dima wasn’t able to come to Brno with me I don’t have any photos from the performance itself.

I was very nervous about having do this Tagtool session without Dima to help me (the first time this has happened!) , but thanks to Lukas Bejbl, who not only helped set up the Tagtool but also manned the gamepad for the animations, everything worked out just fine!


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