‘River of Dreams’

P1060915Drawing at the children’s charity fundraising event organised by Letní dům on the riverside at Mala Strana in Prague on Thursday 26 November.P1060923This was a great location for Tagtool drawing! On the causeway leading down to the water’s edge there were tents for refreshments and the sale of paper lanterns to float on the water. The evening began with a puppet show for the children, followed by music from the Tango Jazz Band.P1060928While people were watching the puppet show I developed this landscape with foreground figures on the facade of the Containall building…P1100743
P1100766…and when the band was playing I drew on the wall next to the stage too.P1060936From my position at the edge of the little park above the causeway I had a clear uninterrupted view…12309892_909652305782756_5800551950924843023_o…and this official photo also shows the Panasonic projector provided by AV Media – a big powerful beast with a lens the size of a tea-plate giving super bright images that could clearly be seen from across the river – great for this kind of event!12304137_909652272449426_7920948784901853573_oWhile I was drawing Dima took lots of photos, including these of the stunning view of Charles Bridge from the riverside and the crowds of people waiting (with the swans!) to float their lanterns on the water.P1100758P1100745Here are some more photos of my drawing to accompany the jazz band….P1100785P1100800It was great to be able to draw on such a large scale and while the band was playing lots of people danced in front of the wall and took photos. P1100803The grand finale of the evening’s entertainment was a spectacular performance by the Hypnotica Fire and Light group and for this I ‘erased’ the figures on the wall to provide a cool blue and black background…P1100812…and then took a short break from drawing to enjoy the fire show.P1100818P1100826P1100834 After the fire show crowds of people remained, taking photos and watching the lanterns floating on the water.  This was a really enjoyable family event and I was very happy to have this opportunity to do these Tagtool drawings in this wonderful location – despite the cold weather!P1100854

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